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Relationship Check-In Deck for Parents

Relationship Check-In Deck for Parents

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When you become a parent, a new world opens to new challenges, new discussions, new opportunities, new learnings. And so we created an expanded version of our original "Relationship Check-In Method (TM)" to include a special category, just for parents. With 20 additional open-ended questions and prompts, this new category supports parents as they navigate the day-to-day with their children. These questions also guide parents toward conscious parenting approaches and gives practical application for mindfully rearing the next generation of humans.

Happy Partner's Project's Relationship Check-In Deck for Parents includes: 

❤️ The original 5 categories in the "Relationship Check-In Deck" -- Gratitude, Future-Gazing, Conflict, Connection and Re-Friending 

❤️ A 6th category called "Parenting"

❤️ 80 Open-Ended Questions and Prompts from the "Relationship Check-In Deck" + 20 additional prompts in the "Parenting" category

❤️ Happy Partner's Projects Check-In Commitments 

*This product is on pre-order, shipping Mid-December. 

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