Are you ready to take your relationship from "just getting by" to being "powerfully created"?

Creating Conscious Relationships:

12 Audio Lessons Teaching The Fundamentals for Healthy Partnership

What's Included:

12 5-7 Minute Audio Lessons

From building trust, making and renegotiating commitments, and Gratitude practices to Non-Violent communication, boundaries and healthy conflict, these mini-workshops will equip you for a strong relationship.

Downloadable Practice Exercises

Put your learnings into action and gain deeper insights into your own patterns.

Bonus! Tantric Connection Meditation

We're gifting a bonus meditation that heightens connection and bonding between you and your partner.

Long Term Access

Refresh at any time! Access your lessons for up to 1 year!

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Most of us simply haven't been taught how to have healthy relationships!

☑️ What are the fundamentals?

☑️ How do we build trust?

☑️ Are you a good and effective listener?

☑️ How is conflict resolved healthily?

☑️ What are the essentials to know when dreaming of a happy, healthy, conscious relationship?

All these questions (and more) are answered in our audio Mini-Masterclass.


Happy Partners Project founder and conscious relationship coach Jocelyn Johnson will take you through 12 mini-workshops to uplevel your relationship. 12 activities to practice your learnings are also provided.

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