Happy ❤️ Relationships

The first science & psych-backed 'Relationship Check-In' method for couples.

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The best relationships are intentional

Learn Effective Relationship Strategies ♡

52+ open-ended prompts that help us build more understanding and strengthen our emotional intelligence.

Increased Satisfaction ♡

This guided experience helps us rate our feelings and put an action forward to a happier relationship.

Improved Communication ♡

While we learn so much from previous partners, communication styles are never the same. Every relationship is unique and requires unique conversations.

Renewed Love Connection ♡

Re-ignite your connection or kickstart the connection through deeper conversation, understanding of eachothers needs.

We love our Happy Partners Project Card set! We use them as "slow down" tools. When life is moving too fast, they help us slow down and reconnect.

Stephanie, NY

I did a check in last night with the guy I'm dating - It was fun!


My wife and I have been having a hard time, so I brought your cards home. She loved them and when things get tough, she requests we "check in".

Charles, LA

My girlfriend and I did our first check-in over the weekend and it was actually fun! I learned a lot about her that I hadn't known, even after 2 years!


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