The Relationship Check-In™️ Method

Being in love comes easy when you share activities designed to nurture lifelong intimacy.Counseling costs couples an average of $7,500 per year. TheRelationship Check-In™️ Method achieves similar results for a fraction of the price.

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What's Included?

The Relationship Check-In Deck

Guides you through 80+ conversation catalysts across 5 categories to unveil new dimensions of your connection while reinforcing strengths. This deck includes Cognitive Behavioral Coaching tips and activities.

The Check-In Chronicles Journal

Tracks insights over 12 weeks at a time, letting you measure growth in affection, teamwork, and commitment. It includes 12 lessons for fostering healthy relationship habits.

Check-In Chronicle Lessons

  1. Commitments & Agreements - Making them and renegotiating them
  2. Making Requests VS Demands
  3. Non-Violent Communication
  4. Feelings VS Opinions
  5. Building Trust by Doing your P.A.R.T. - Get this lesson free here.
  6. Vague VS Specific language and why this matters in getting your needs met
  7. Embrace the "Gratitude Attitude"
  8. Healthy VS Unhealthy Conflict Resolution including Hyperbolic Language + Character Assassination
  9. Radical Transparency and the Reveal/Conceal Gut Check
  10. In Times of "Heightened Emotion" 
  11. The Art of the Apology and Making Amends 
  12. Wonder and Ritual Time

Commit to small consistent actions that compound over the year into an unshakable foundation between you two. Don't settle for another day of feeling distant and disconnected. Invest in each other. Over 18,000 people have already used The Relationship Check-In™️ Method to generate lasting change.

Let this be the year your indestructible love ignites. ❤️‍🔥

Our Successful Relationships

  • Johnny


    My girlfriend and I did our first check-in over the weekend and it was actually fun! I learned a lot about her that I hadn't known, even after 2 years!

  • Stephanie


    We love our Happy Partners Project Card set! We use them as "slow down" tools. When life is moving too fast, they help us slow down and reconnect.

  • Charles


    My wife and I have been having a hard time, so I brought your cards home. She loved them and when things get tough, she requests we "check in".

  • Georganne


    A game changer for me and my partner since we divorced our spouses and then met. Deliberate check-ins have been part of our relationship from the onset.

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You're on your way, to the best relationship of your life.

About The Founder

After feeling called to do relationship check-ins with my new (at the time) boyfriend as I worked to rebuild healthier relationship habits, I found plenty of research that check-ins worked, were essential even. But, there wasn't a process that I could follow though.

So I created the Relationship Check-In method drawing upon over 10 years of my own personal development practices, mindfulness and my training in “Cognitive Behavioral Coaching”, “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” and "Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy".

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The Best Relationships Are Intentional ⚭

  • Learn Relationship Strategies

    80+ open-ended prompts that help you build more understanding and strengthen your emotional intelligence.

  • Increased Satisfaction

    This guided experience helps you create connection to a create a happier, healthier relationship.

  • Improved Communication

    While we learn so much from previous partners, communication styles are never the same. Every relationship is unique and requires unique conversations.

  • Renewed Love Connection

    Re-ignite or kickstart your connection through deeper conversations + understanding each other's needs.

  • Heat In The Sheets

    When your heart connection and polarity is strong, passion and desire for each other spring into action!

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