About Us ⚭

The Happy Partners Project mission is to provide resources and tools for building and sustaining healthy and blissful relationships.

Our belief is that happier partners build happier homes. We believe that modeling healthy relationships will have legacy effects on the next generation creating emotionally intelligent, well-adjusted humans.

The Relationship Check-In(TM) Method integrates research-backed, scientifically-proven techniques for behavioral change and healthy relationship creation.

Utilizing open-ended prompts, ranking questions and couples coaching direction, our Relationship Check-In(TM) guides couples through 5 core aspects for developing healthy relationships.  

Couples begin each check-in by reading our Check-In Commitments.

These commitments set the container for a respectful, healthy check-in, but they also coach couples on healthy communication tactics that are carried into their day-to-day interactions.

To build habits, they need to be ritualized and consistent. This is why we recommend check-ins happen weekly or twice a month.

The Science and Research


Hi! I'm Jocelyn.

I'm the creator and Chief Visionaire for Happy Partners Project and the Relationship Check-In(TM) Method. Here's a little bit about my journey to birthing this product for you!

For a long time, I identified as a serial entrepreneur — the do’er, the go-getter. Then in my late 20’s, sparked by adrenal fatigue from startup life and lack of boundaries, I hit one of the most meaningful personal rock bottoms of my life. My health, my businesses and my relationships were challenged, culminating with an extremely toxic, on-again-off-again relationship. The realization that the relationship echoed childhood trauma I experienced was a wake-up call -- "Wow! I have some deep work to do to break this pattern.”

I tapped into personal development work and Cognitive Behavioral Psychology + coaching programs. I discovered my life mission — to use communication and relationships as a framework for creating legacy change during my lifetime.

Now I identify as a change-maker here to teach healthier communication styles and healthier ways of being so people can be the best partners and the best people they can be in their lifetimes.

I created the “Relationship Check-In” Method in 2018 to support my own relationship and to give couples a proactive tool for creating healthy relationships.

Over 12,000 people are using this method since we re-launched the product in Feb. 2021.