Our Process ⚭

The Happy Partners Project "Relationship Check-In Method (TM)" integrates proven techniques in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communication and neuroplasticity. 

Our cards guide couples through five categories of prompts and questions designed to bring greater understanding and connection while solving conflict and reducing pent-up resentments. The result is increased emotional intelligence within the relationship.

For full effectiveness check-ins should happen weekly or bi-weekly with an hour of uninterrupted time. This is a powerful hour spent re-connecting, airing grievances, reaching solutions, expressing appreciation and getting clear on plans for the future -- short-term and long.


Our process starts with each partner making healthy "Check-in Commitments" to their significant other.

These commitments set the tone for a respectful and healthy check-in. 

From there, all check-ins begin and end with the gratitude category.

It's scientifically proven that showing appreciation and expressing gratitude diffuses negative emotions. Often this can be difficult for couples who are deep in a "trough state" and focused on grievances, but starting and ending with gratitude reminds us of the wonderful acts our partner does and lets him/her know we see him/her. This category alone can be a powerful shifting force in relationships. 

To continue the check-in, each partner draws one card from the remaining four categories -- Conflict, Future-gazing, Re-Friending and Sex + Intimacy.

In each category there are a few types of questions and prompts -- open-ended questions, ranking questions (0-10 by show of fingers), fill in the blank and timed "open-air"  prompts. 


  • 50% of relationships end in divorce. Those who stay together typically endure greater levels of unhappiness and abuse.
  • Relationship deterioration is responsible for "a higher incidence of both depression and substance abuse (e.g. )...and even down-regulated immune system functioning ()."
  • A report from the National Health Institute's National Center for Biotechnology Information concluded that "[marriage checkups] significantly improve intimacy, acceptance, and satisfaction."


The Happy Partners Project is a mission-driven method for building and sustaining healthy and blissful relationships. Our belief is that happier partners build happier homes and ultimately have healthier communication, greater life satisfaction and increased emotional intelligence. For those couples who have children, we believe that modeling healthy relationships will have legacy effects on the next generation of emotionally intelligent, well-adjusted humans.

Jocelyn Johnson is the creator of the methodology behind Happy Partners Project. She draws upon nearly 10 years as a serial entrepreneur of both services and venture-backed businesses and a life-long commitment to personal development, particularly in the area of relationship. Combining that entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for mind-body-spirit wellness, Jocelyn now facilitates powerful life shifts for couples. To support this vision, Jocelyn is “Cognitive Behavioral Coaching” and “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” certified.  Prior to Happy Partners Project, Jocelyn built a successful PR business – JJPR – at age 25 and then launched her second venture -- VideoInk -- the go-to resource for breaking news and industry analysis related to digital video and online streaming. VideoInk was acquired by TheWrap in 2018. Over the course of her career, she has worked with industry leaders including Hearst, Complex, Machinima, Funny or Die, Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, Verizon, AT&T, and Spotify, among others. She’s been cited in New York Times, Vanity Fair, CNBC, BusinessRockstars, “Courageous Leaders” and spoken at tentpole conferences in both the U.S. and Internationally.

Grab your check-in deck and a session with Jocelyn. Your relationship will be better for it.