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Check-In Chronicles Workbook

Check-In Chronicles Workbook

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You know those meetings at work where nobody takes notes and the next meeting comes and nobody remembers WTF was talked about or what was supposed to get done? Ya, we feel that. So we created a companion to the Relationship Check-In Cards so that you don't have to worry about remembering what happened last time you checked in.

This Check-In Chronicles Workbook accompanies the Relationship Check-In card deck to capture week-by-week progress and outcomes from check-ins. Happy Partners Project's 'Relationship Check-In Method' gives couples a proactive resource for strengthening their bonds and building healthy relationship habits.

Plus, this 12-week program also provides weekly lessons to teach couples healthy relationship habits. Being in love never felt so easy. 💙

Want a sneak peek at one of the lessons? 

Access our complimentary Conscious Relationship Lesson: Active Listening - How doing your PART improves your relationship.

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