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The Relationship Check-In™️ Method for Parents

The Relationship Check-In™️ Method for Parents

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Parenting Tests Bonds - But Ours Grows Stronger

When kids enter your lives, the foundations shift - for better or worse. But we equip couples to let parenting forge an unbreakable bond instead of driving them apart.

This "Unbreakable Bond" bundle includes our acclaimed Relationship Check-In card deck and companion journal. Together they guide weekly conversations to address emerging needs, resolve differences, and reconnect without the kids.

Work through 80+ open-ended prompts covering your relationship, conflict style, affection, and now conscious parenting approaches. Set aligned intentions for handling the stresses that arise and learn from the 12 lessons on healthy relationships.

Record check-in takeaways over 12 weeks and watch your bond strengthen through ongoing effort.

Choose to lean on your love over letting frustration pull you apart during this transformative life chapter. Let parenting cement - not challenge - your commitment.

Invest in tools designed to build an indestructible unity no matter what comes your way.

Want a sneak peek at one of the 12 lessons included in teh journal? 

Access our complimentary Conscious Relationship Lesson: Active Listening - How doing your PART improves your relationship.

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