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Power Couple Bundle!

Power Couple Bundle!

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Manifest More Intimacy in your Relationship!

This bundle combines The Relationship Check-In™️ Method with our most powerful relationship exercises, lessons, and visioning tools.
Regain excitement, improve closeness, and align on your future together. Over 18,000+ couples have already used The Relationship Check-In™️ Method to ignite lasting change.
Invest in the relationship you both deserve today. 💕🚀

The Relationship Check-In Card Deck

guides you through 80+ conversation catalysts across 5 categories to unveil new dimensions of your connection while reinforcing strengths. This deck includes Cognitive Behavioral Coaching tips and activities.

The Check-In Chronicles Journal

📝Record your relationship insights and goals week-by-week and see your improvement

🧑‍🏫 Learn 12 in-depth lessons for strengthening communication, deepening intimacy, resolving differences, and more

🏆 With the Workbook, your check-ins become even more productive

🧠 You'll never "forget" what was discussed at each Check-In.

Check-In Chronicle Lessons

  1. Commitments & Agreements - Making them and renegotiating them
  2. Making Requests VS Demands
  3. Non-Violent Communication
  4. Feelings VS Opinions
  5. Building Trust by Doing your P.A.R.T. - Get this lesson free here.
  6. Vague VS Specific language and why this matters in getting your needs met
  7. Embrace the "Gratitude Attitude"
  8. Healthy VS Unhealthy Conflict Resolution including Hyperbolic Language + Character Assassination
  9. Radical Transparency and the Reveal/Conceal Gut Check
  10. In Times of "Heightened Emotion" 
  11. The Art of the Apology and Making Amends 
  12. Wonder and Ritual Time  

Future Gazing Journal

Set a shared vision for your partnership and manifest dreams through reflection.Energize your bond through: 🔮 Visualization exercises, 🪞Reflection prompts, 🧬 Connection activities

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Why Relationships Fail

1. Communication Issues

Poor communication or a lack of effective communication can lead to misunderstandings, resentment, and unresolved conflicts.

2. Infidelity

Cheating or emotional affairs can significantly damage trust and cause irreparable harm to relationships.

3. Financial Problems

Conflicting attitudes toward money, spending habits, or significant debt can lead to stress and disagreements.

4. Lack of Commitment

One or both partners not being fully committed to the relationship can result in neglect, infidelity, or lack of investment in the partnership.

5. Growing Apart

Changes in individual values, interests, or goals can cause couples to drift apart over time, leading to a disconnect.

6. Constant Conflict

Frequent arguments and inability to resolve conflicts constructively can erode affection and mutual respect.

7. Lack of Emotional Support row

Failing to provide emotional support can leave partners feeling unappreciated, misunderstood, or neglected.

8. Unrealistic Expectations

Expecting too much or having unattainable standards can set up relationships for disappointment.

9. Lack of Intimacy

Decline in emotional, physical, or sexual intimacy can make partners feel unfulfilled or distant.

10. External Pressures

Family interference, societal expectations, or demanding jobs can create stress that affects the relationship.