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Manifest Your Dream Relationship Together!

Set the stage for an incredible year together. Envision and create your ideal partnership in harmony and using research-backed tools. Our Future-Gazing Journal equips you and your love to set a shared vision, uncover growth opportunities, and start fresh.

Refresh your bond through:

🔮 Visualization exercises

🪞 Reflection prompts

🧬 Connection activities

Over 15,000 couples have used The Relationship Check-In (TM) Method to kickstart new habits and new depths of intimacy.

Studies show relationships without aligned visions tend to end.

Skip the heartache - get on the same page about your future now.

Our Future-Gazing Journal includes: 

🪞 Reflection and Connection exercises
🧬 Activities for creating a Shared Vision for your next year together
🔮 Visualization meditations and exercises 
📚 Lessons on manifestation, relationship hacking, goal setting and healthy communication
💬 Conversation prompts and long-term planning hacks
✨ Social Media Extras and Interactive Templates for creating lasting change
🧩 Behavioral Change Psychology, science and mindfulness strategies for life and relationship hacking 

PLUS: Two recorded meditations are included for free!!

*This product is on pre-order and will begin shipping in mid-December. 

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