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Based on 5 Aspects of Healthy Relationships, we'll tell you if yours is Blissed TF Out, has the Occasional Side Eye, or is in "The Trough" with a few actionable suggestions to follow each outcome!

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The Happy Partners Project mission is to provide resources and tools for building and sustaining healthy and blissful relationships.

Our belief is that happier partners build happier homes. We believe that modeling healthy relationships will have legacy effects on the next generation creating emotionally intelligent, well-adjusted humans.

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The Relationship Check-In(TM) Method integrates research-backed, scientifically-proven techniques for behavioral change and healthy relationship creation.

Utilizing open-ended prompts, ranking questions and couples coaching direction, our Relationship Check-In(TM) guides couples through 5 core aspects for developing healthy relationships.  

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Benefits of Relationship Check-Ins

  • Improved Communication

  • Heat in the Sheets

  • Healthy Problem Solving

  • Increased Satisfaction

  • Learn Healthy Relationship Habits

  • Renewed Connection