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Are you doing your P.A.R.T in relationship to build trust?

Once you put this powerful acronym to work, you'll see a big change in how connected you and your partner become.

Take a listen to learn what P.A.R.T stands for and how it leads to trust in relationships.

There's also a practice exercise to help you get clear on your own active listening intentions and skills!

This is an audio version of one of the 12 Conscious Relationship Lessons included in our Creating Conscious Relationships Audio Course taught by Happy Partners Project founder, and conscious relationship coach Jocelyn Johnson!

A version of this lesson is also found in the Check-In Chronicles Workbook.

This science and psych-backed journal captures the outcomes of each Relationship Check-InTM while integrating proven behavioral-change strategies, inspirational quotes and one Conscious Relationship Lesson for each Check-In, for the course of 12 sessions.

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Benefits of Relationship Check-Ins

  • Improved Communication

  • Heat in the Sheets

  • Healthy Problem Solving

  • Increased Satisfaction

  • Learn Healthy Relationship Habits

  • Renewed Connection