Conscious Coupling for Valentine's Day with Happy Partners Project (Event)

Conscious Coupling for Valentine's Day with Happy Partners Project (Event)


"How's your relationship?" is a question we get from our friends and family all the time. But how often do we turn to each other and ask "How's our relationship?"

This Valentine's Day, renew your commitments to your partner, check-in on your relationship and re-invigorate the strength of your love connection!

In this four hour immersive, Happy Partners Project creator Jocelyn Johnson will guide you through a night of conscious communication with your partner. Partners will participate in a relationship check-in protocol using Happy Partners Project's check-in cards, explore ways to build and maintain a healthy relationship and receive guidance from Jocelyn on how to carry forward with a regular check-in at home. Couples will also receive coaching around stuck areas and communication traps in relationships.

If relationships are designed to drive our personal evolution, then Happy Partners Project's check-in process smooths the journey!

All couples will receive their own check-in deck as part of their ticket price (valued at $35). This work is designed for all romantic partners, of all dynamics, shapes, sizes and genders.

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The Happy Partners Project is a mission-driven method for building and sustaining healthy and blissful relationships. Our belief is that happier partners build happier homes and ultimately have healthier communication, greater life satisfaction and increased emotional intelligence. For those couples who have children, we believe that modeling healthy relationships will have legacy effects on the next generation of emotionally intelligent, well-adjusted humans.


Jocelyn is the creator of the methodology behind Happy Partners Project. She draws upon nearly 10 years as a serial entrepreneur of both services and venture-backed businesses and a life-long commitment to personal development, particularly in the area of relationship. Combining that entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for mind-body-spirit wellness, Jocelyn now facilitates powerful life shifts for couples. To support this vision, Jocelyn is “Cognitive Behavioral Coaching” and “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” certified. Prior to Happy Partners Project, Jocelyn built a successful PR business – JJPR – at age 25 and then launched her second venture -- VideoInk -- the go-to resource for breaking news and industry analysis related to digital video and online streaming. VideoInk was acquired by TheWrap in 2018. Over the course of her career, she has worked with industry leaders including Hearst, Complex, Machinima, Funny or Die, Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, Verizon, AT&T, and Spotify, among others. She’s been cited in New York Times, Vanity Fair, CNBC, BusinessRockstars, “Courageous Leaders” and spoken at tentpole conferences in both the U.S. and Internationally.