What Is a Relationship Check In!?

This is a question that gets asked a lot. And if you scour the internet, you'll be met with a sea of murky explanations of what a check-in is and how to do one (successfully!) with your partner.

It may sound intuitive but the nature of a relationship check-in isn't so obvious. Simply put -- a relationship check-in is a structured time when couples can assess the status of their relationship. With the Happy Partners Project deck, couples are also able to get on the same page about what a "great relationship" actually looks like and how each person envisions a future together.

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A relationship check-in is also proactive instead of reactive. Have you ever had one of those fights where a small infraction leads to a huge blow-out!? That's because most couples create a culture of checking in with each other when problems arise or when they are already deep in conflict. At that point, the relationship requires a lot of TLC and repair to get back to bliss. 

Regular check-ins, when held sacred, prevent these build-ups from happening catching upsets before they become enraged blow-outs, or worse -- unexpected break-ups. Relationship check-ins also train partners to be stronger in voicing both frustrations and appreciations. 

We often hear that communication, trust and intimacy are the golden triad for healthy relationships. In one hour a week or every other, relationship check-ins will support partners in going for the gold.

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