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Don't know where to start?
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We've got an accessible and inexpensive solution. Our Relationship check-in method is perfect for you.
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✓ For struggling relationships
✓ Relationship counseling in the comfort of your own home
✓ Learn to ask the right questions
✓ Drastically improve communication
✓ Learn to listen the right way
Lower divorce rates
✓ Build a healthier and happier relationship together

                          Intentional Relationship Counseling

Safety Switch
Increased Satisfaction
This guided experience helps us rate our feelings and put an action forward to a happier relationship.
Compact Handle
Heat In The Sheets
When the heart connection and polarity is strong, the passion and desire spring into action!
Quality Stainless
Relationship Strategies
70+ open-ended prompts that help us build more understanding and strengthen our emotional intelligence.
Non-slip Handle
Love connection
Re-ignite your connection or kickstart the connection through deeper conversation, understanding of each others needs.

Our Successful Relationships

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She loved them.

"My wife and I have been having a hard time, so I brought your cards home. She loved them and when things get tough, she requests we check-in."
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Slow Down Tools.

"We love our Happy Partners Project set! We use them as 'slow down' tools. When life is moving too fast, they help us slow down and reconnect."
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We can talk normally again.

"I thought we had lost the ability to talk to each other forever. But, my friend suggested we try out this check-in method and now we are able to talk to each other again. We do a check out regularly now and has made communicating feel normal again."
After feeling called to do relationship check-ins with my new (at the time) boyfriend as I worked to rebuild healthier relationship habits, I found plenty of research that check-ins worked, were essential even. But, there wasn't a process that I could follow though. So I created the Relationship Check-In method drawing upon over 10 years of my own personal development practices, mindfulness and my training in “Cognitive Behavioral Coaching”, “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” and "Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy".


Jocelyn Johnson

Cognitive Behavioral Coach
Neuro-Linguistics Programming Certified
Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapist