How to Know You’re in a Healthy Relationship

How to Know You’re in a Healthy Relationship

These 5 Aspects Indicate “Yes, You Are.”

Navigating romantic relationships can be tricky, but there are clear signs that indicate you have built a healthy partnership based on mutual trust, respect, and care. Assessing the state of your bond regularly prevents toxicity or complacency from developing over time. So how do you know if your relationship is healthy? Here are 5 signs to evaluate your relationship status (and read to the bottom for a dose of science to back it up).

Solid Communication

Open, direct, and consistent communication is vital. Do you talk openly about your emotions without judgment or criticism? Does your partner listen carefully, validate your perspective, and reciprocate disclosure? Honest dialogue, even during difficult conversations, builds intimacy and deep understanding. Not sure how to initiate discussions? Happy Partners Project’s Relationship Check-In Method has helped over 18,000 people sharpen their relationship skills.

Shared Values and Life Goals

Fundamental values and aspirations for the future provide the foundation. Do you share ethical views on key issues? Want the same things in life like children, travel, or careers? Differing goals can divide you over time. Ensure you agree on what matters most before deepening bonds.

Do you have a shared vision for your relationship? Let Happy Partners Project’s Future Gazing Journal guide you.

Mutual Support and Growth

A healthy relationship nurtures each partner’s personal growth and supports their individual needs. You feel cared for while also receiving encouragement to pursue personal interests, friendships, and professional aspirations and to develop your best self over time.

Equal Partnership

Power balances in decision-making, household duties, and finances split along equitable lines. One partner does not exert full domain over the relationship’s direction. You will move forward as fully participating equals with shared influence over jointly made choices.

Resolving Conflict Successfully

No matter how strong the connection, conflict inevitably arises. The key lies in how clashes get resolved. Do fights lead to productive resolutions focused on compromise? Or leave residual feelings of resentment and disconnection? Manage clashes through respectful dialogue instead of aggression or passive withdrawal.

Ultimately a sense of overall happiness, fulfillment, and ease when together and apart signals a healthy union aligned with your needs. 

Trust your instincts to determine if your partnership meets the criteria, and seek help to improve any problem areas. Investing in healthy relationships now prevents future heartache and turmoil. 

And if it's not, here's a path to get back on track:

ACTION PLAN: Take Your Love to the Next Level

If you're not checking all 5 of those green light boxes yet, no worries! Every relationship has room to grow. Here's a simple plan to strengthen yours:

Step 1: Start a convo with your sweetie about which of the 5 healthy signs need some work. Maybe communication could be smoother or you've drifted apart on future goals. Get it all out in the open.

Step 2: On a scale of 1-5, how strong is that area right now? 1 = struggling, 5 = rocking it. Discuss what would bring your score closer to that 5 - being more open, aligning on priorities, etc.

Step 3: Brainstorm little things you can start doing every day to make improvements. Could be using more "validating" phrases when you chat, scheduling regular check-ins, or whatever makes sense for you two lovebirds.

Step 4: Put that plan into action! Make a playful game of working on that weakness area together. Celebrate small wins along the way.

With some focused effort, you can turn that yellow or red light green again! Your relationship will be even stronger when you've leveled it up. You got this!

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